Summer flowers are a unique way that helps in adding contrast colours to the lawn. The garden is represented new and fresh by planting a variety of summer flowerings. In that case, summer bulbs are the right choice as they grow and bloom during summertime. Few summer bulbs include dahlias, caladium, gladiola, begonias, cannas, gloriosa lilies, pineapple lilies, Tigridia, oxalis, tuberose, nerines, Liatris, etc.

There is a specific period when summer bulbs are to be planted. The ground to be planted should never freeze and for every spring tender summer bulbs are to be planted. Warm soil and farm weather are the key requirements of summer bulbs. Since the weather is uncertain, there isn’t a proper calendar date for planting summer bulbs. The soil is to be monitored, the soil must be dried and remain hot to about 60°F, then its perfect time to plant summer bulbs into the ground. Let’s discuss a few more things to consider before choosing summer flowering.

Requirements for summer flowering 


A well-planned draining site is significant for any summer flowering plant. This avoids rotting and molding. Manure and compost can be used to amend the soil as the bulbs can store energy, bloom and grow well. Usually, bulbs to plant in spring are to be planted three times their diameter. The information on the package mentions details about planting depth for these kinds of bulbs.

Maintenance tips 

  1. Watering the plants well is an important aspect to be considered. It is equally important to permit them to dry at times and then watering can be continued.
  2. Weed-free areas are to be monitored as it is important as the summer bulbs get established. Weeds race with the summer flowers and win the nutrients, hence weeds are to be abandoned in summer gardening.
  3. Some individuals store bulbs underground and may have perennial bulbs in their area, they should note to provide supplemental fertilizer at times of growth. A low nitrogen balanced fertilizer is a perfect choice for summer bulbs.
  4. The front row of the summer flowering gardening can be planted with low plants. The middle row can be planted with medium-high plants. The final back row can be planted with high sized plants. This offers a striking look for summer flower gardens.

Season to grow

Those who desire to grow their summer bulbs can pot these indoors. This can be done a month or before getting ready to plant them out. Later the pots can be moved out or they can be transplanted in the garden too. Also, pre-grown bulbs are available that can be planted in the garden. Potted caladiums, begonias, and elephant ears are few summer bulbs available in the market.

Choosing the right summer flowering plants 

For ones who have areas that are full to partial shade can opt for vinca, begonias, and impatiens, etc. There are plenty of colours when these plants are considered and they grow well in shady areas. Also, while picking colours for summer flowers, red colour is recommended as the plants are larger and closer and blue illuminates smallness. The flower bed draws in more attention with single flower colours and if the individual prefers for multiple colours then, the flowers should be planted such that they complement each other.

If the flower bed receives direct sunlight all day, then you must pick heat-resistant hardy plants. Few such plants are petunias, marigolds, zinnia, etc. There are situations where some plants get diseased, at such moments it is recommended to pull out those plants and concentrate on the remaining. It is important to pull out diseased plants and avoid the spreading of disease on other plants.

Tips for summer flower blooming

To make sure the garden is filled with stunning contrast coloured summer plants, the flowerbed is to be prepared well. The soil must be tilled well and any weeds or roots must be cleaned thoroughly. Before planting, the flower beds are to be fertilised well, once the flower bulbs are planted watering every day is important for roots to be nourished. Mulch is recommended for shielding the flower bed as the flowers aren’t overfed and also moisture is prevented. Read all the instructions on the package carefully and avoid using fertilizers directly on the plants.


Summer flowers are perfect as they dress your garden and home in a unique way. Bulbs to plant in spring can be planned and developed into an awesome garden. The summer flowers add colour and brightness to the garden and also provide sheer fragrance. A home garden can be made an amazing garden by planting the right summer plants. The above-mentioned tips can be beneficial for ones desiring to set up a home garden with summer flowers. The hints can be followed and successful gardening can be accomplished with colourful summer flowers as a gift.